“What I look for in my subjects are the invisible and untouchable traits that allow me to go beyond my subject, and will take me past what I can see and into what cannot be seen.”   ---- Duaiv

One of Mia Toro’s most exciting collaborations is the launch of Duaiv luggage collection.

Duaiv splash luggage

Duaiv is a talented French-American artist, known for his brightly colored depiction of sail boats, horses race, and bustling markets. Having won many awards, such as the "Greci Marino," Who's who in American art, and Commander of the Order of the Star of Europe to name a few, Duaiv's influence is not only limited in his native France, but with an ever expanding following throughout Europe, South America and North America. In 2006, Duaiv entered the Benezit Dictionary of top-rated painters in the world. 

Inspired by impressionism and post-impressionism, his artworks transcend the boundaries of expressionism and impressionism. He has found a balance between these two great traditions and created a style that is truly his own. Duaiv’s work has no boundaries, whether it is about the subjects that he paints or the medium he experiments with.

His creative process is nested into spontaneously. Nothing is planned in advance. He comes up with forms, shapes, colors, he expresses himself on a canvas, whether it is an exotic sports car or a fine line of luggage. It is like a musician who has mastered his art to the point that he can simply improvises, like if there is some sort of mysterious forces behind each note. Like dancing Flamenco, the overwhelming passion and emotion naturally explode into a form of art in canvas.

Duaiv does not separate his life from his art. From racing cars, haute-couture to environmental design, it was a natural thing to expand his imagination onto physical products on a regular basis. Armed with fierce creativity and unique vision, Duaiv has created several most striking art cars. His canvases include a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, a Ferrari FF and a 458 Italia.

Duaiv and customized Lamborghini
Duaiv and the customized Lamborghini

With the Mia Toro designer art luggage line, Duaiv once again merged his art with the innovative products. Mia Toro Duaiv collection features pattern of zebra, sail boat and the abstract splash colors. As you can see these patterns work beautifully combined with the shapes of Mia Toro’s stylish luggage.

Mia Toro Duaiv Zebra designer art luggage collection
Mia Toro Duaiv Zebra luggage
Mia Toro Duaiv Sail designer art luggage collection
Mia Toro Duaiv Sails luggage
Mia Toro Duaiv splash color designer art luggage collection
Mia Toro Duaiv Splash Colorful luggage

On the back of the luggage, it is covered with this luxury carbon fiber texture with Duaiv’s logo embedded.

Mia Toro Duaiv luggage collection - back

The cases are available as a set of three or they can be purchased individually. Available sizes are the 20" carry-on case - perfect for a short trip when you don't want to check your luggage into the hold, a medium case which is 24" and a large case at 28", which are ideal for checked luggage for longer trips.

All of the cases have the following features:

  • Light weight armor-flex composite.
  • Glossy finish enhances the art
  • Light weight trolley
  • Ergonomic Gel Grip Handle
  • Light Weight Trolley
  • Glide-Tech dual wheel multi-directional 360 degree dual wheel provides smooth and stable motion
  • Zipper Divider- A fully zippered panel creates a second compartment to keep your possessions organized.
  • Compression straps and clasp are easy to use and keep your personal items secure

Mia Toro provides 30-day free-trial and world-wide 10-year warranty, which makes trying Mia Toro luggage become stress-free. Now with less than $200, you can easily own a masterpiece of artwork created by Duaiv and take it with you to every corner of the world!